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UCC packs house for award-winning play

What a wonderful homecoming for Old Boy Ravi Jain ’99. The award-winning theatrical director brought a special discount code united pharmacy presentation of the play Iceland  to UCC. It played to a sold-out David Chu theatre crowd for a special one-night performance, Tuesday, Nov. 19, before going on a world tour. Iceland provided a searing dissection of the human impact of the financial crisis in 2008.

The audience was moved, shocked, speechless and all the while entertained, as they intensely watched the brilliant performances by actors Claire Calnan, Christine Horne and Kawa Ada. Each told their story, in monologue form, of how the financial crisis affected a landlord, tenant and prostitute.

The audience had the unique opportunity to not only experience the play, which addressed financial issues in theatre format, but following the play, to listen to industry professionals share their views on some of the play’s themes. Moderated by Karim Bardeesy, executive director of policy for Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, the panel included Blake Hutcheson, president and CEO of Oxford Properties, Jill Denham, former vice-chair of CIBC and UCC board member, playwright Nicolas Billon and director Ravi Jain.

Hutcheson and Denham spoke of the integrity of the business and banking worlds in Canada during the financial crisis. They stressed the importance of reputation in the Canadian financial community, noting that it’s not possible to hide from disreputable behaviour, as people are able to do in countries with larger financial communities including the U.S.

The panel discussion provided a wonderful finish to this most memorable evening.

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