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Faith Healer leaves audience grappling with the notion of truth

Faith Healer by Brian Friel is the gripping and moving tale of Irishman Frank Hardy, the faith healer, his wife Grace and his manager Teddy. Playing to a packed house in the David Chu Theatre, Nov. 28 to 30, it’s told in four hypnotic and lengthy monologues with each character recounting their version of the same story. The performance left the audience mesmerized and thinking about various interpretations of truth. The gripping production, directed by Upper School arts chair Judith Macdonell, starred IB2 student Sam Hodgkins-Sumner as Frank, IB1 student Christopher Tully as Teddy and Bishop Strachan School student Kate Urquart as Grace. These talented students had the audience hooked from the beginning as they listened intently, gradually piecing  together the story of the faith healer. Each performance was pure magic.

View video highlights below:

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