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Extra! Extra! Andy Pringle wins John D. Stevenson Award

Every organization has its go-to people, those who reliably offer good counsel, leadership and judgment and Andrew Pringle ’69 has been that person for UCC for more than 25 years. The UCC Association Council is delighted to announce that he is this year’s winner of the prestigious John D. Stevenson Award for outstanding long-term volunteer service.

Pringle takes the word “volunteer” to a different level. Throughout 33 years of service to the College he has been involved in many of its critical decisions and helped shape the school that it is — everything from co-chairing the original A-Day with Mark Dalton ’70 in 1980 to leading the final committee to review boarding in 2008 with Rob Prichard ’67.

How does Pringle explain his extraordinary dedication to UCC considering all his other roles? He is a founding partner and chairman of RP Investment Advisors, serves on the Toronto Police Services Board, as a member of the Independent Review Committee of Fidelity Canada and as chair of both the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research and the Shaw Festival.

“In many ways I just see it as payback for what UCC gave me,” says Pringle. “UCC gave me confidence, character and contemporaries who remain close friends. But it’s also about building a great institution which will continue to mold future generations of young men to do well and do good and provide the outstanding experience it did for me and for my sons. ”

The award is particularly meaningful, Pringle adds, because he was president of the Association Council in 1987-88 at the same time John Stevenson chaired the Board of Governors. “He was very much a mentor,” says Pringle “so it’s wonderful to be associated with someone who did so much for UCC for so many years.”

So has Pringle. The list of his accomplishments is remarkable.

In addition to being Association Council president he was UCC Board chair from 2002–07. He’s most proud of achievements that include the proper resolution of the sexual abuse issues from the 1970s. He oversaw these difficult challenges while serving as Board chair and leader of the abuse case steering committee.

Another significant contribution was his 10-year term as chair of various long-range planning committees and sub-committees from 1991–2001. During that time he oversaw the International Baccalaureate’s introduction in 1997, the school’s restructuring to accommodate the removal of Grade 13 in fall 2002 and the successful recruitment and appointment of Dr. Jim Power as the College’s principal in 2003.

He was instrumental in the campaign which has seen the successful completion of the William P. Wilder ’40 Arena, officially unveiled in 2008. Pringle remains a lynchpin in UCC’s fundraising efforts, currently co-chairing the Think Ahead Campaign and spearheading efforts to set a new bar for financial assistance.

“We’re delighted there was unanimous support from both the nominating committee and Association Council to recognize Andy for many years of dedication and generous service to the College.” says Association president Jim Garner

The UCC Association Council established the John D. Stevenson Award in 1993 to recognize individuals who’ve provided outstanding volunteer service to the College over a number of years. It recognizes the exceptional contributions of John D. Stevenson ’47.  Nominations are elicited annually from all members of the College community. As always, the award will be presented at Founder’s Dinner, Feb. 10 at the College.

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