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Parents know importance of the UCC Fund

l-r: Tess Hargarten, Todd Hargarten, Adam Hargarten '20, Sarah Morgenstern and Laine Hargarten

l-r: Tess Hargarten, Todd Hargarten, Adam Hargarten ’20, Sarah Morgenstern and Laine Hargarten

Old Boys often speak of the lifelong ties that bind them with Upper Canada College. And it’s the knowledge of what will be their son’s lasting connection to the school that’s helped drive parents Sarah Morgenstern and Todd Hargarten’s annual support of the UCC Fund for the past eight years.

“Our son Adam is in Form 6 now, but he’ll graduate from UCC one day,” explains Hargarten. “He’ll always be part of this community and we want to make sure that his enduring association with the College is valuable by keeping UCC strong. Our giving to the College is not only an investment in his experience today, but also in his future as an Old Boy.”

Morgenstern and Hargarten have made significant annual gifts at the Council of 1829 level since their son entered Senior Kindergarten in 2007. The main beneficiary of their support has been the College Priority Fund, which is allocated at the discretion of senior school administrators based on each year’s most pressing needs and priorities.

Hargarten, who also serves as the volunteer chair of the Parents’ Annual Giving Committee, is appreciative of the many parents who join him and his wife in making annual gifts to the UCC Fund. But he’s quick to point out that there are many misperceptions about the school’s budget, and why giving back is so important.

“I think a lot of people believe that the College has a huge endowment and that their gift is not needed. It’s true that UCC has benefited over the years from the tremendous generosity of a number of lead benefactors, whose gifts form the bulk of support for the board’s facilities and financial assistance initiatives. However, many parents don’t appreciate that tuition covers less than 78 per cent of the annual cost of educating a boy at the College. Annual gifts to the UCC Fund make up a large part of the difference needed to operate and maintain the school.  We feel it is our responsibility to give what we can each year. It’s our investment in our son’s education and experience at the school.”

To learn more about the UCC Fund and how you can join Morgenstern, Hargarten and the hundreds of other parents who make annual gifts to the College, please click here.