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Gumball catapult competition in student centre

SONY DSCUpper Canada College Grade 9 students went ballistic with bubblegum on the morning of Feb. 21 as they competed to see who best mastered firing gumballs with catapults they designed and built.

Math teacher Fatima Remtulla oversaw the competition, as the gumball wizards tested their designs and the quadratic equations they created to model the path of their gumballs. The catapults ranged in size, degree of complexity and power, and were judged first on accuracy and then on distance. Plastic spoons were the most commonly used launchers.

When the “Battle of the Student Centre” was over and most of the gumballs that weren’t broken were recovered, two teams could claim victory. Phil Nicoletti and Connor Charton’s catapult won the accuracy contest while Elliot Fish and Ben Sokol shot their gumball 14.14 metres to claim the distance title.

Here are some photos from the catapult competition:

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