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Join the Blues Booster Club to celebrate UCC athletics at May Day

Celebrate May Day and enjoy a wonderful day of athletics and community spirit, Saturday, May 10. Cheer on our athletes playing badminton, baseball, cricket, lacrosse, rugby and tennis. Drop by the Blues Booster Club’s tent on the Oval and enjoy the BBC barbecue, other food and refreshments. We hope to see you there.  

Five years of spirit-raising

As the BBC celebrates its fifth anniversary, here’s a recap of why we’re here, our achievements and why we encourage you to get involved in our promotion and celebration of UCC athletics.

Athletics play a key role for so many UCC students, enriching their whole school experience. With more than 75 inter-school teams at the Prep and Upper School, in addition to an active intramural program, there’s non-stop athletic activity at the College and a high priority is placed on ensuring a positive athletic experience for all boys.

BBC founders Pam and Harry Taylor (Ryan ’10 and Connor ‘11), along with faculty adviser Dave Shaw, introduced the concept of a parent/faculty/student group with a mandate of fostering school spirit through athletics. They believed a passionate and energetic group working together to raise spirit could build a vital, strong school community. The first BBC executive committee identified the following goals and they remain the same today:

Meeting regularly throughout the school year, the BBC executive plans a spirit-raising strategy for A-Day, Friday Night Lights football, Winterfest and May Day. These events bring the UCC community of students, Old Boys, parents past and present, faculty and staff together to show support for our athletes.

Our Spirit of Athletics Awards provides an opportunity to recognize our athletes, coaches and fans, and coincides with IB2 graduation. Against the backdrop of three exciting slideshows, this event celebrates our wonderful sports photography, capturing athleticism and spirit. On the students’ side, our two “Blue Army generals” rally the UCC troops. From assembly to the arena, to the courts, field and beyond, they provide student leadership and support of all our athletes.

Since its inception, the BBC has been active and engaged in so many ways, bringing the mission of spirit-raising to life. Some examples include an athletic newsletter that summarized team highlights and photos (now relayed on our newsfeed and in Connection), the development of the team parent program, bringing colour commentary to games and creating spirit merchandise to make the Blues fans’ presence known.

We recognize the hardworking BBC executive members’ contribution and the countless team parents over the years who’ve nurtured spirit and provided a solid foundation to ensure future success. The BBC remains committed to helping ensure a positive experience for our athletes and fans.

How to get involved

The BBC’s foundation is our team parent program. They act as a liaison between the coach and parents via email communication, providing team rosters, facilitating team updates and photography for our athletic website, and season-end celebrations.

We welcome and encourage parents to get involved:

To volunteer please visit us here. Go Blues! For more information please contact

If you have any questions or for further information please contact Donna Simpson, BBC co-president, at or Mitty van der Velden, BBC vice-president, at


– Blues Booster Club

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