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Toronto Science Fair

Multiple medals for UCC at Toronto Science Fair

Upper Canada College students picked up two gold, four silver and three bronze medals at the Toronto Science Fair on April 5.

The competition at the University of Toronto Scarborough was open to all Toronto students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Gold medals were awarded in three project categories: Grades 7 and 8; Grades 9 and 10; Grades 11 and 12. Top finishers were awarded an opportunity to participate at the Canada-Wide Science Fair in Windsor, Ont. from May 10 to 17. UCC will be represented by Massimo Giannone and Grant Lau.

Here are the UCC participants, their project names and how they fared:

Gold medal and Canada-Wide Science Fair Award:

• Massimo Giannone and Grant Lau – “Does Colour Affect Memory?”

Gold medal:

• Adam Steiner and Alex Lawson – “What Type of Warm-up Improves Reaction Time?”

Silver medal:

• Ernst Ma – “What Fruit and What Brand of Orange Juice has the Most Vitamin C?” (also won Life Labs Health Science Award)

• Luke Stevens and Robert Peri – “How Clean are Cell Phones?”

• Jack Tucker and Linus Deck – “What Hockey Helmet Provides the Most Protection?”

• Oscar Wang and Jack McKay – “What is the Most Effective Method for Filtering Dirty Water?”

Bronze medal:

• Felipe Martinez and Michael Reilly – “Is Mouthwash or Toothpaste Better at Killing Bacteria?”

• Liam Corelli – “Is Hockey More Vulnerable to Torso Injuries than Football?”

• Andrew Skene – “What Type of Wood is Best for Sound-Proofing?”

Here are photos of UCC students at the Toronto Science Fair:

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