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Stellar results on national math contests

In the category of amazing student accomplishments, IB1 student Conor Healy came ninth out of 17,000 student in the University of Waterloo’s Fermat Mathematical Contest. As a result, he’s going to an elite math camp at that university in June.

Waterloo runs three such contests for high school students Canada-wide. They also include the Pascal Contest for Grade 9 and the Cayley Contest for Grade 10. It’s mandatory for all UCC math students to take these tests.

Also of note, Foundation Year students Kevin Lee and Yuya Kawakami did very well on the Cayley and are invited to a summer camp at the University of Ottawa run by the Canadian Mathematics Society.

“These are huge honours,” says Upper School math chair Deirdre Timusk. “We try to create a culture where the boys value math, so this is great evidence of that goal’s success.”


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