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‘Knowledge junkies’ go undefeated at competitive tournament

“You can’t study for it; it’s pretty random.” So says IB2 student Wilder Walker-Stewart, co-chair of the Reach for the Top Club. The five-man team came first at the University of Toronto Schools Invitational on April 12. It’s one of the most competitive tournaments in the Canada-wide, inter-school league based on the original television program.

The boys went undefeated in every round of the challenging eight-hour tournament that pitted 24 schools against each other in 14 matches of 100 questions each. They beat Michael Power/St. Joseph High School in the final to earn top prize.

It’s quite a feather in our team’s cap to come away with the title this year, especially since the lads went undefeated in the process,” says coach Josh Suteir. It also adds lustre to an up-and-coming club, now in is second year, that Suteir hopes will continue to attract the type of “knowledge junkies” who also go in for Model UN or Ontario Model Parliament.

“This tournament also marked a gratifying end to the careers of our senior IB2 leaders Sam Mandlsohn, Wilder Walker-Stewart, and John Lutz,” says Suteir. “Though we lose their talent, we have great depth on the team and hope to recruit other similarly bright and knowledgeable boys next year.” The winning team’s members also include IB1 student Andrew Irwin and Foundation Year student Jack van Nostrand.

Though one can’t actually study for competition, it does help to have a general knowledge speciality, says Mandlsohn, who is a big pop culture buff. ((Walker-Stewart is the heavy hitter for geography and history.)

“Focus and concentration are also essential,” says Walker-Stewart, especially when one is trying to come up with rapid-fire answers after seven hours of competition.

The club would like to express its heartfelt gratitude to English teacher Julian Bauld and art teacher Anne Kaye for their great support throughout this season.

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