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Debaters take top honours at Hart House

UCC’s Debate Club had its best tournament of the year, taking top spot at the Hart House High School Debating Tournament, March 29 and 30. IB2 students John Lutz and Josh Caminiti were proclaimed champions after a stellar performance in the finals. With 132 teams and 264 participants from all over the country, this was the largest high-school debating tournament ever held in Canada, and certainly one of the most prestigious.

The boys debated both serious and humorous resolutions including: This House believes that J.K. Rowling should not have outed Dumbledore; and this House believes we should only give scholarships based on financial need.

In the end, the Lutz-Caminiti team as well as three other UCC teams advanced to the quarterfinals: IB2 students Chris Taylor and FY Logan Ye; IB1 students Michael Pusic and Jack Oneschuk; and IB1 student Alnur Kassim-Lakha who partnered with a student from Oakville as a “hybrid team.” Individually, UCC took half of the total speaker awards: Chris Taylor placed fourth; Logan Ye placed sixth; John Lutz placed seventh; and Alnur Kassim-Lakha placed eighth. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Source: Arts Booster Club

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