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Jazz Night hits a high note

It was a bittersweet night for the Senior Jazz Band at the annual Jazz Night on April 25. The night brought the band  and its fans together one last time for a fantastic musical evening before 10 of its current members, part of the Leaving Class, bid farewell.

Under the direction of the band’s wonderful leader, Peter Smith, guests were treated to arrangements of songs from traditional to big band jazz, from Latin to funk and rock. The performance featured solos from all band members. Brandon Tse’s presentation of an A cappella tenor sax improvisation was truly soulful. Multi-talented David Cash performed two theatrical vocal solos, accompanied by Ernest Leung on piano. The smaller Leaving Class Combo entertained during intermission. The entire audience was brought to its feet in ovation to the band at evening’s end and treated to a wonderful encore. Then the final notes of Jazz Night signalled the end of the school year for the Leaving Class of 2014.

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