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Halloween candy drive reveals sweet nature of students

UCC Halloween candy drive

Carter Maclean and two volunteers unload donated candy for men from the Good Neighbours’ Club.

It’s hard to imagine children willingly giving up their Halloween candy, but enough treats to fill a sports utility vehicle were donated by Upper Canada College Prep School students for the third annual UCC Halloween candy drive.

The candy was donated to the Good Neighbours’ Club, a men’s day shelter on Jarvis Street in downtown Toronto.

The drive was pioneered by Grade 8 student Carter Maclean after he inquired several years ago about an unassuming building he frequently passed by in the car with his family.

“One day, close to Halloween, I asked my mom and she told me it was a men’s shelter,” says Maclean. “I asked her if we could do a candy drive at school for it and she said it was a good idea.”

Maclean started the drive at his former school eight years ago and has continued the tradition at UCC since arriving in Grade 6. Donations have increased every year.

“A huge thank you to everyone who contributed,” he says. “We all like a treat and you made it possible for some people who never get treats to enjoy them through your kindness.”

The Good Neighbours’ Club was started during the Great Depression for men, many of them veterans of the First World War, who were experiencing tough times and needed a place to belong. The club has been a home away from home for those in shelters and rooming houses ever since.