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Memorial assembly marks one-year anniversary of teacher’s passing

Family and friends of beloved UCC teacher Christine Kouremenos came out for a special Upper School assembly in her honour on Friday, Nov. 28. It marked exactly a year since the French teacher, monatrice, form adviser and all-round champion of everything our students do passed away suddenly on November 28, 2013.

“She was bold yet nurturing, honest and principled,” said art teacher and friend Anne Kaye, speaking of the “unique life force” that was Kouremenos. “She was the kind of person who knew everyone’s name, including all the parents  – a feat that always impressed me. She knew that by connecting with parents, she could better support her students.”

“She made me feel comfortable in my own skin,” said IB2 student Conor Healy who sang a beautiful tribute for her, “Fruhlingsglaube” by Franz Schubert, in memory of her sensitivity and encouragement when he confided in her that he was gay, in Year 1. “How different my world could have been if she hadn’t been there,” he said.

Acadenic dean Julia Kinnear then presented academic ties and announced that the Year 1 French prize would now bear her name when presented on future Prize Days in October.

Please take a few moments to enjoy these video tributes from students and faculty members. “We love and miss you,” said Intermediate Division Head Derek Poon, remembering how she went above and beyond to turn up unannounced at a varsity basketball semi-final game in London, Ont. in full Blues regalia, not caring about the ruckus she made when she strode in. It was a year they team went on to capture the championship.