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Why give? For UCC parents Chris and Jane Boyle every gift counts

Chris and Jane Boyle know how to Think Ahead.

The Boyles, whose son Wilson is in Year 1, came forward last year with a generous $10,000 gift in support of the Think Ahead Campaign. With impact top of mind, they asked the College to direct their contribution to the school’s area of greatest need. In the end, renovations to the Upper School’s Intermediate Division came out on top.

“The need for funds to support renovations was the highest priority,” explains Jane. “At other institutions I’ve seen people who really want to direct their gift themselves. But I know that it can be a smart move to let the institution decide; gifts need to go to priority funds.”

It’s no accident that the Boyles are pretty savvy about campaign strategy and investment. Jane has past experience as the national director for community giving for a major bank in Toronto—where she saw the impact of donations both big and small. Husband Chris is a senior vice-president at Mackenzie Investments with direct responsibility of its global institutional business. He also volunteers his time on the investment committee for the University of New Brunswick’s endowment fund and is a past board chair for Toronto’s George Brown College.

“Large institutions have requirements for capital investment and most of the time you’re lucky if you can cover your operating costs,” says Chris. “These enterprises require community support.”

If there’s one “takeaway” the Boyles hope their gift can inspire it’s the importance of regular giving – with gifts of all sizes. “Because UCC is so big, people sometimes think that everyone else will give,” says Jane. “The parent participation rate is at 32 per cent and for a school of this calibre it could be much higher. We want to make people more aware that no gift is too small. Just imagine the impact if everyone gave something annually.”