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The Tempest storms the UCC stage

The Tempest is Shakespeare’s poignant farewell to the world of the theatre, and due to the skill and panache of the cast and crew, it has become a similarly bittersweet departure for myself and the other graduating actors. (It’s currently running until Feb. 21 in the David Chu Theatre.

The characters are portrayed with a stunning scope of ethos; each player from the ethereal Ariel to the earthy Caliban, a hero and a villain in their own right. The cast has woven the experiences and ambitions of all these fantastical fellows into an experience engaging enough to be relatable to even the most jaded of modern viewers. The stage crew has helped to transform the play from a rambling set of scenes into a well-oiled production. The sorcerers working light and sound have proven that they are more than masters of bringing magic to the stage, assailing the set with the full ordnance of the David Chu Theatre.

Congratulations to the UCC and BSS students involved in the show: Prospero, Alex Czegledy; Ferdinand, Charlie Watson; Caliban, Atef Abedin; Stephano, Can Hepkarabelli; Trinculo, Graham Burton; Alonso, Andrew Barron; Gonzalo, Jake Bradshaw; Sebastian, Ross Graham; Antonio, Ben Caldwell; Francisco,  Jack van Nostrand; Adrian, Graeme Joel; Boatswain, Nestor Grandal. As well many volunteers throughout the community made the production possible.

Lastly, to our directors Judith Macdonell and Heather Crawford — whose committed, dedicated and steady hands have been sculpting the show since September and pushing us to discover fresh nuances every time we step on the stage — we couldn’t have gotten here without you.

— Alexander Czegledy IB2


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