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All in the Timing hits the mark

This year’s Grade 8 & 9 play, David Ives’s All in the Timing, had an electric run in the lecture theatre on February 26 and 27.

A collection of one-act plays that deal with life’s major issues – purpose, impact and the meaning of Kafka – the performance offered a cunning blend of high and low art, physical humour and biting wit.

Eleven students, hailing from both UCC and BSS, joined directors Ryan Archer and Gillian Levene, in exploring stories connected by their existentialist ruminations and matching of human uncertainly with surreal possibilities. Each piece was performed by an eclectic and versatile community of students tasked with honouring a faced-paced, dynamic and ambitious script.

This formidable ensemble included BSS’s Ellen De Beer, Ella Duffy, Ruby Robinson, Molly Symmonds and Chiara Picao, who in their respective roles inhabited the likes of language school imposters, sardonic waitresses, Marie Antoinette, Franz Kafka and Mrs. Trotsky.

Some of UCC’s most promising young talents joining the clan include Chris Facy in his turn as a straight-talking, Doctor-Who inspired philosopher; Joe Hill as Charles Lindburgh and Leon Trotsky; Faiz Khwaja as John Milton, Nicholas II and a communist gardener; Devin Lee as a typewriter; and Sarosh Waheed as Jonathan Swift.

Actors played on a set inspired by Terry Dednstedt and managed by first time stage manager extraordinaire, Christopher Munn. The show would not have been possible without the fantastic crew, including John Mace, Adam Sayani, Camran Hansen, Ethan Ullman and Klara Janowski, as well as the generosity of, among others, Diane Rothman, Judith Macdonell, Anne Kaye, and Dale Churchward.

by Gillian Levene with photography by Jordan Young