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Debaters place well at senior national tournament

Photo: Nitish Dhingra and Logan Ye catch up with teacher and debating adviser (on maternity leave) Lulu Wang at the tournament.

Logan Ye and Nitish Dhingra competed at the Senior Canadian Debate Championships, hosted by the Ontario Student Debating Union at University of Toronto Schools on April 24 to 26. This national tournament consisted of 52 teams who’d qualified from across the country. Logan and Nitish placed 12th overall with a record of four wins and two defeats, an amazing result.

The resolutions debated over the weekend were diverse and interesting. The prepared round on Friday night debated both sides of “This House supports mandatory voting in Canadian federal elections.”

There were four impromptu rounds of debate on Saturday: This House supports the purchase of irreplaceable historical artifacts from ISIS to prevent their destruction; This House supports the creation of aboriginal-only schools in urban areas; This House would not require to new immigrants to Canada to take an oath to the Queen; This House would abolish the use of juries.

While the boys didn’t break into the quarter finals on Sunday, they did the school proud. They were knowledgable and persuasive, debated with grace and humility and were perfect gentlemen throughout the tournament. They had lots of fun.

Debating adviser Lulu Wang, now on maternity leave, visited the tournament on Saturday and brought future debater Loghan to see the boys in action.

— Arts Booster Club