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International Langauges Week showcases student diversity

By Sophia Berezowsky and Jennifer Bell

We’re so proud of our boys who came together to celebrate the linguistic and cultural diversity of UCC during International Languages Week, Jan. 26 to 30.

At Monday assembly,Philippe Archambault and Louis-Christophe Hebert announcing the week-long activities. Wednesday at lunch, the students had fun playing a game called Kahoot and identifying different international languages. It was organized by IB2 boarder Philippe Archambault. The dessert called cannoli was also sold, by Alberto Londono. It was delicioso! Jeff Van den Berghe brought homemade Thai food on Thursday for the winner of Kahoot , Saverio Imbrogno.

The crowning event of the week was the Friday assembly. Zacharie Quiviger an IB1 boarder from Quebec, thanked the UCC community for its understanding and support for students for whom English is not the first language. (See speech below.) The Friday announcements were given in several different languages by native speakers.

A big thank you to Kamran Ramji who led the language game and to our participants who taught and learned a language. During Friday’s assembly, the students demonstrated, through the language game, what they had learned during the week. Participants included Yizhou Yu, who taught Mandarin to Calvin Bouchard; Alberto Londono, who taught Italian to Sean Langlois; and Umid Abduragimov who taught Russian to Teddy Littler. .

A delightful video (see below) was shown during the assembly. The two Abduragimov brothers went around the boarding community interviewing students from different countries about their language, country and customs.

The assembly finished with a spectacular Spanish music ensemble with Bora Dirilgen playing the guitar, Samuel Gernburd on piano and Adair Simpson on drums.

The week was sensationnelle! Un grand merci à Madame Berezowsky et muchas gracias a Senora Rodriguez.

Speech by Zacharie Quiviger, IB1 boarder

I’ve only been attending this college for the past couple of months but I already feel like I’m at home between its walls. That said, one obstacle has been hard to overcome and is still setting me back. Being taught in a different language than my native French is a constant challenge. I am thankful to have landed in such an accepting and flexible school as UCC. Teachers and students have been awesome with me to help me adapt.

This is not an untraveled path, as many students are currently studying in our school in a language that is not their mother tongue. I would like to take this moment to applaud their courage and their hard work.

I am also thankful for the International Languages Week for highlighting the different cultures present among our student body. Congrats to my fellow International Languages Club members and thanks to all students who have participated in the different activities organized and made me feel welcome in the UCC community.