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PYP Exhibition 2015

Young researchers impress at PYP Exhibition

Months of hard work by Upper Canada College Grade 5 students were on display at the Prep School on May 8 for the Primary Years Programme Exhibition.

The boys came up with group agreements and created mind maps of possible individual lines of inquiry before beginning their research and identifying possible resources to support it. The hardest work began in March when faculty and staff mentors became involved to help guide students along with their work and make sure that things were progressing on schedule.

The topics the boys tackled were: cancer; diseases and treatments; obesity; sports injuries; the impact of sports; substance abuse; animal cruelty; human rights; children’s rights; environmental disasters; and cyber safety.

Parents and other guests were welcomed with a song during the opening ceremonies in Weston Hall before the boys manned their stations and eloquently explained their work in front of their impressive exhibits, most of which went well beyond display boards loaded with facts and figures. Various projects incorporated games, blogs, computer displays, quizzes, demonstrations and videos that showed the students weren’t just narrow-focused on finding out information about their particular lines of inquiry but had skills and abilities in a range of areas.

There was a movie screening on a monitor in the hallway in front of one classroom, while French animated videos created by the boys were shown in the Primary office. And the Bitove Lounge was transformed into an “Art as Action” gallery where students created artwork and provided statements about their theme and what inspired them below.

Here are photos from the exhibition:

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