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Honours and humour at leaving class dinner

Boys enjoyed a delicious meal at Upper Canada College’s May 22 leaving class dinner, but they likely had more than food on their minds as they reflected on their experiences at the school they were about to graduate from.

Principal Jim Power and head of the Prep and Upper Schools Don Kawasoe, who’s about to retire after 35 years at UCC, presented gold and silver Creativity, Action and Service pins to deserving recipients.

Philippe Archambault was elected class president, making the Seaton’s House resident and Lang Scholar the first boarder in several years to receive that honour.

Economics teacher Matt Griem was chosen by members of the leaving class to represent the faculty with a speech, while six-year UCC student Jackson Suboch was likewise selected to speak on behalf of his classmates.

Suboch injected his speech with humour and good-natured jabs at some fellow students, which included the awarding of “superlatives” to many of them.

Suboch got more serious towards the end of his time at the podium to thank Kawasoe for all of his hard work, time, effort and love he’s put into the school.

“His dedication to both the leaving classes this year and from years past is something to be truly marveled at,” Suboch said. “I know he is a true gentleman and, for that, he has my round of applause.”

The event ended with everyone moving from the student centre to Laidlaw Hall to watch a slide show of highlights from the past school year that was presented by Kawasoe, who also used the opportunity to thank the boys for making his time at UCC so memorable.

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