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Playbill wall pays tribute to Prep theatre tradition

It’s an incredible testament to the longstanding tradition of theatrical achievement at the Prep. Behind Weston Hall, you’ll now find a collection of programs and playbills from memorable theatrical productions. They date back to 1934, when first Prep play was performed.

“Our objective was to showcase both how active theatrical arts are at the Prep today, and how they’ve been integral for so long,” says Chantal Kenny, executive director of admissions and one of the three co-organizers of the project. She collaborated with archivist Jill Spellman and Prep parent Astrid Player. Former head of the Prep and Upper School Don Kawasoe initiated the project’s funding before he left last June.

Alan Stephen, a visionary headmaster from 1934 to 1966, is credited with advancing the curriculum in the 1930s to include arts, music and theatre.

A plaque will soon be added to the wall. Notably, tt mentions that famed writer Robertson Davies ’32 wrote two plays for the Prep, A Masque of Aesop and A Masque of Mr. Punch. To further underscore the Prep’s theatrical past, a commemorative plaque will also be added to the “actor’s court” above the Bitove Lounge, so people can read about the Prep’s past during admission from performances in Weston Hall.