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“Peak Performance”: Health tips from JP Cavalluzzo and Joannah Lawson

Monthly wellness tips to maximize your performance

Welcome to a new news feature. Each month we’ll feature a useful health tip to maximize your academic and co-curricular performance, overall health and well-being.

These tips are brought to you by John Paul “JP” Cavalluzzo, varsity football coach and Prep history and geography teacher. Joannah Lawson is a nutritionist, UCC parent and head of the school’s nutrition committee.

Watch for our upcoming sugar-reduction challenge so you can participate using the sugar-tracking app, OneSweetApp. And stay tuned for foods to protect you against stress.

October “Peak Performance” tip: Post-Workout Muscle Rebuilding

Be sure to have a recovery snack and water after your workout, practice or game. Right away is best, and don’t wait more than two hours. You need to replenish glucose and protein to build new muscle. Your snack needs to combine carbohydrate and protein. Good choices include:

Click here for the Athletes Guide to Nutrition developed by SAS’s Matt Verboom. It’s a complete guide what to consume and how to optimize your nutrient profile for performance. He offers tips on food ideas, timing and how much protein is required by body weight. And be sure to on the nutrition committee’s webpage for an archive of past news stories.