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Student collage beautifies construction zone

You can find art in the most unlikely places. Just call it UCC’s very own version of “graffiti alley,” informally commissioned by none other than Principal Jim Power. He approached art teacher David Holt with a request for a student volunteer to beautify the provisional back wall of the Bernick Family Foyer while its new atrium is under construction.

“I love photography; I’m less so a painter,” says IB2 student Austen McMurchy. His wonderful creation taps into UCC Archives’ digital collection of College Times images, dating back to 1894. (McMurchy is also this year’s co-head of College Times, Canada’s oldest student publication, started in 1857.)

Through some Photoshop wizardy, McMurchy’s final mural of the College is composed of more than 20,000 archival images, with “few repeats” he’s proud to say. The final result salutes our history and stands as a placeholder for what’s bound to be a new iconic design feature of the College. Stop by and check it out.