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Peak Performance: Health Tips from JP Cavalluzzo and Joannah Lawson

This month’s “Peak Performance” tip is all about sugar. Did you know a 710 ml bottle of Powerade Cool Blue contains more than 10 teaspoons of sugar.

You may have read that the World Health Organization (WHO) came out with new guidelines this year, recommending adults limit sugar to approximately six teaspoons of sugar per day or 12 teaspoons as a maximum, with individual differences expected based on physiology, overall calorie consumption, age, etc.

We think the key message is to be aware of when you are consuming sugar so you can keep it within a healthy range for your needs.  There are more teaspoons of added refined sugar in some products than you might have guessed.

Download “One Sweet App” for free to count how much refined “free” sugar are in some popular products.

One thing you can ask yourself when consuming a sports drink is: “Am I drinking this because I need an electrolyte replacement after my workout, or do I just really like the taste?” If it’s for taste when you have not worked out, you might want to consider how this fits into your overall total consumption for the day.  You can view this video by Dr. Mike Evans for his advice on the best drink ever.  Click here

The Dieticians of Canada provide the following helpful guidelines for deciding whether a sports drink or other electrolyte replacement is necessary.  Click here for more information.