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Peak Performance: Health tips from JP Cavalluzzo and Joannah Lawson

This month’s “Peak Performance” tip is about fuelling yourself for the day with a good breakfast.  Are we talking about donuts and juice? Think again!

We asked registered dietitian and former UCC parent Lucia Weiler for her advice on key components of an athlete’s breakfast. Here are some of her pro tips for peak performance:

Eat a good breakfast. You’ve heard it’s the most important meal of the day and that’s true for everyone, including competitive athletes. Start the day with a breakfast containing carbs such as whole-wheat bread or cereal and a source of protein such as eggs, yogurt or milk.

Here are some handy tips for balanced breakfasts:

-scrambled egg, rye toast, fruit, milk
-peanut butter or cheese, bagel, fruit
-oatmeal made with milk, sprinkled with fresh or dried fruit, or nuts
-last night’s dinner leftovers; mix meat, veggies, grains – all good to go

No time to sit? Try these grab and go breakfast tips:

-make a wrap with a whole-grain tortilla spread with nut butter; add banana or pear slices
-hard-cooked egg, yogurt and piece of fruit
-small muffin and a smoothie made with fruit, yogurt and milk

Also, why not try this dietitian’s easy smoothie recipe?

-1 cup fruit (fresh or frozen)
-1 cup liquid (milk, almond or soy milk, 100 per cent fruit juice)
-2 Tbsp “protein boost” (whey powder or skim milk powder)

Mix in blender and enjoy.

Find more great tips on healthy eating and recipes are from Dietitians of Canada at: