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Mental Health Week sends message of support

It was a week to send the message loud and clear. Achievement and success are important, but every student has his own particular definition of it–and developing traits like resilience and compassion are as important to development as getting good grades.

Dr. Alex Russell kicked off Mental Health Week, Jan. 11 to 15, with a wonderful Assembly message. The clinical psychologist helps students develop resilience and their own personal relationship with school and achievement. “Bob Dylan wasn’t trying to get fampus as a goal,” he told students. “He was just writing great songs.” He also said that, in his day, there was no such thing as a “gap year.” It was more about “finding yourself,” he said. “Be careful of the word ‘success.'” He cited statistics that 30 per cent of students drop out in the first year of university, so stressed are they about exterior models of success. “Define success in terms that are relevent to you,” he said.

The week’s programming highlight was a Thursday filled with fun, chilled activities such as drumming circle, therapeutic art, yoga, smoothie making, dodgeball and Dance Revolution.