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Peak Performance: Health Tips from Joannah Lawson and JP Cavalluzzo

What’s so great about UCC’s salad bar in the Upper Dining Hall?

Being on a “nutrition committee” and promoting healthier eating is seldom considered a way to become popular with everyone. However, our awesome student ambassadors have been real leaders at the College. They’ve been great at entertaining their peers through well-received video messages about healthy consumption. That goes for our faculty and staff as well.

In fact, if you missed the humorous follow-up segment to the “Rethink Your Drink” sugar-reduction challenge in December, starring Division Heads Scott Cowie and Derek Poon, click at the end of this article for 30 seconds of fun.

Overall, seems nutrition is gaining more of a “cool” status since so many of our societal role models in athletics and entertainment are promoting the benefits of nutritious food. Since working on nutrition at UCC, I never expected to hear a student say, “The salad bar is amazing!”

And yet, this has been a common refrain from students, faculty and staff since the salad bar offerings were expanded by Aramark Food Services this January. The improved salad bar makes getting Health Canada’s recommended eight servings a day of fruits and vegetables for teenaged boys a whole lot easier to achieve. Just look at these offerings.


salad2Not only does the salad bar offer an array of the best possible vegetables, including the-all-important leafy greens and the cruciferous vegetable family (think broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and kale), but it also offers healthy protein options. There are legumes, whole grains like quinoa and brown rice, eggs, cooked on-site roasted meats and cheeses. The salad bar boasts made-from-scratch salad dressings.


So what are the top five reasons (in descending order) the salad bar at UCC is great?

5. It allows for boys who don’t like the main dish on a certain day to still have a full meal alternative, complete with all the food groups.

4. It’s a great complement to add to a main course for more variety and satisfaction at each meal.

3. It offers whole food items, unprocessed and served the way nature intended, for example, an egg or a carrot.

2. The fruits and vegetables come in array of colours which means the food offers a rainbow of phytonutrients, each colour providing different protective health functions for our body. Click here for a full list of these functions by pigment colour.

1. And the number one reason the salad bar is great at UCC is… because the boys are telling us so!