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Debaters post great results at national champions

20160410_141318Four of our top debaters participated in the Senior National Debating Championships, April 9 and 10 in Saskatoon, SK. Logan Ye was the fourth best overall speaker, while the team of Ye and Nitish Dhingra made it to the semi-finals and faced the top Saskatechwan team.

Malcolm Risk, Kimathi Muiruri, Logan Ye and Nitish Dhingra qualified as the two top Ontario debate teams earlier this month. Both teams went into the sixth and final round before the break with a 4-1 record. Unfortunately, the bracket put our teams in the same room. Ye and Dhingra progressed forward onto quarter-finals after a hard fought round. Muiruri and Risk were seeded just below the break but were thrilled their last round in the tournament went to their club heads.

In quarters, Ye and Dhingra faced the top Alberta team where they debated the resolution “This House would ban drones.” With significant clash and overall, a heated debate, UCC progressed forward to the semi-finals against the top Saskatechewan team.

Ye and Dhingra prepared their proposition case for the resolution “This House would allow a person to be forgotten on the Internet.” Starting off slow, they ramped up their arguments with supportive examples while bombarding the opposition with “points of information.” Although the round went to Saskatchewan on a 3-2 split decision, Ye and Dhingra were nothing short of amazing.

Muiruri was the 23rd overall speaker, Dhingra was 27th and Risk was 34th. If you see them around the school (I know IB2 exams are coming up so maybe not), please give them a huge congratulations for their performance at for and representing UCC!

-Courtney Turner and Lulu Wang