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Latest round of UCC renovations are complete

Boys are in classes, extracurricular programs are in full swing and everything is back to normal at Upper Canada College. But it was another summer full of renovations as improvements continue to be made to the school through some of the more than $100 million in funds raised through the Think Ahead campaign.

This past summer’s major projects included reconfiguring classrooms, seminar spaces and offices on the first and second floors of the Upper School’s west wing, which also received new sprinkler and air circulation networks.

The new learning spaces are outfitted with the latest technology and filled with light through the use of floor-to-ceiling glass and new lighting. Students and faculty members should both benefit from these changes, as they’re designed to maximize interactivity and mobility with flexible furniture and configurations.

The Upper School’s Bernick Family Foyer was also totally revamped and given a more modern look that adds a lot more windows and light to the space.

A carpenter shop was converted to a design lab at the Prep.

Twenty-seven Upper School and five Prep classrooms have been converted over the past few years.

“Everything went very well and we’re very pleased,” says executive director of facilities Steve Thuringer.

“All of the work that was planned for this summer is done. We’ll look at and make decisions on plans for the future.”

The second and third floor of Seaton’s House now has new rooms for boarders as well as new closets, floors, windows, heating and air conditioning systems after a summer of renovations.

“In the boarding house you’re getting renewed living quarters with a brand new mechanical system that can provide heating and cooling into the individual spaces in a more economical and comfortable fashion,” says Thuringer.

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