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Four UCC students help feed homeless men

Four Upper Canada College students recently spent time feeding men at Toronto’s Good Shepherd Ministries and quickly realized it was much more impactful than merely completing a Creativity, Activity and Service project.

Taso Daskalakis, Josh Heath, Josh Harry and Sachin Desai purchased water bottles, bananas, granola bars and the ingredients to make ham and cheddar and roast beef and Swiss cheese sandwiches. They then made the sandwiches at the shelter and packaged them with the other meal components and ended up feeding about 50 men.

“When we first arrived, no one paid very much attention to us,” says Daskalakis. “As soon as they found out that we were just high school students that were handing out food, some of them stayed and had a conversation with us about why we were doing the deed, as well as how they got into the situation that they were in.

“One man, Andre, who told us to call him AK-46, said that, ‘Whatever blessings you give out you will get back in return.’”

Daskalakis concedes that the boys were initially a bit nervous going into the experience, but they came away with a valuable understanding of the culture and everyday struggle of homelessness in Toronto.

Though the boys went into the project expecting to make their good deed a one-time-only thing, they’re now considering doing it again in the new year.

“Nothing was as rewarding as the experience and knowledge we gained during this project,” says Daskalakis. “Anything from a simple ‘Thanks’ to seeing their eyes light up helped us to understand that any and all help is welcome.

“Not only that, but by improving their day, you’re also improving yours.”

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