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Mandarin-language students enjoy unique breakfast

chinese2Year 2 student Mack Lo filed his report about his class’ special Chinese breakfast, complete with Mandarin-only conversation, on Nov. 17. 

In our Mandarin class, we were learning about Chinese dishes. Our Mandarin teacher Ms. [Jane] Li, decided we should try some of the foods we learned about. Ms. Li made a Google document for our class to input the foods we wanted to eat at the breakfast. We made our own menu and gave it to Aramark.

We had our Chinese breakfast in the Upper Dining Hall on Thursday, Nov. 17. The deal was we could eat at the breakfast as long as we only spoke Mandarin. One students had never tried some of the things we had that morning. He enjoyed some of the food, not so much the others. We had many things such as congee, Chinese buns and soy milk, and a few people tried preserved duck egg. At the end of the breakfast, all of us were so full and we almost ate everything that was served.

It was fun and it was worth not eating breakfast at home. My class and I enjoyed the breakfast and hope for it to happen again. Thank you Aramark for going out of your way to make our phenomenal Chinese breakfast!