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UCC students win prizes at hackathons

The hacking craze continues at Upper Canada College, and its students are showing they’re very skilled at it.

After Simon Guo earned UCC’s first Major League Hacking point and received an award at a hackathon last month, the Grade 10 student acted as a mentor to help two less experienced hackers at Cipher Hack in Brampton, Ont. on Saturday.

Guo discussed ideas, set plans and helped his mentees with mechanical, electrical and coding aspects of PopMidi, a musical instrument made with soft drink cans, cardboard, servos, an Arduino board, Python, and MIDI files. It worked so well that Guo received a drone after it was named the best project with mentor at the hackathon.



Another UCC student, Camran Hansen, also attended Cipher Hack as a mentor. Three others contributed to the project, called playright. It’s an application to aid writers with formatting scripts that was built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Sublime Text.

Meanwhile, UCC student Zack Nathan won a tablet for best performance for his cup stacking game at Hack Lassonde for high school and university students at York University.

Hackathons are gatherings where teams of programmers come together to learn, build and share creations, which usually involve mobile, web and hardware applications.

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