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Students take role in food quality control

Who do you think decides what food to serve at the Upper Dining Hall and retail locations? Is it Aramark Food Services? Is it the nutrition committee? Is it the parents’ organizations?

While each of these groups play an important role in establishing the standards food must meet in terms of nutrition and affordability, the buck stops with how good the food tastes. And who best to determine that than the boys?

New this fall, the nutrition committee’s liason year reps at the Upper School have volunteered to meet regularly and taste-test food, providing frank feedback on what’s great, what needs tweaking and what needs a total redo. So far, smoothies, chili and paninis have been sampled, with more taste-tests planned.

“We’re grateful to have this group of 14 boys as our taster panel as the goal is to have Aramark staff prepare food the boys will enjoy,” says Aramark director Marco Kulanis.

So, we say, “Power to the people!” And in this case, “Power to the students of UCC!”

With thanks from the nutrition committee