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Power up your breakfast with the Nutrition Committee

If you want some great tips about “breakfasts of champions,” our very own Prep athletics director Nigel White has some easy ideas to share. Read on:

One of the best strategies for maximum athletic and academic performance is to eat a healthy breakfast. You’ve heard it before but do you know why?

When you wake up, your blood sugar and metabolism are at their lowest due to the night of sleep.  Your body isn’t primed for performance in this state. Research indicates people have lower attention spans and often score more poorly on tests when they haven’t eaten breakfast.

So what are ideal foods to fuel yourself for the day’s performance? Ideal options include the following:

(The earlier you get started on getting vegetables into your day, the more likely you’re to reach the recommended eight to 10 servings a day.)

Strategies for the morning rush? Try following a recipe for a healthy smoothie and putting the ingredients in a blender in the fridge the night before so you can just blend, pour and drink in the morning.

Another option is to prepare and freeze whole-grain muffins containing fruit and nuts when you have time and put them in the oven the night before.  If your oven has a timer, you can come to the kitchen for a warm ready-made breakfast.

If you need to buy a breakfast, the best options are unsweetened oatmeal or yogurt with added fruit and seeds or nuts. Boiled eggs also make a great breakfast on the run.

The best breakfast beverage is water. Eat your fruit instead of drinking it since processed, store-bought juices lack the valuable fibre found in the fruit, which is important in the prevention of many chronic diseases.

by Prep athletics director Nigel White and Nutrition Committee chair Joannah Lawson