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Teacher’s non-denominational Holocaust education trip in the news

English teacher Rachel Metalin’s ongoing efforts to offer a non-denominational Holocaust education tour in eastern Europe has caught the attention of the Canadian Jewish News on Jan. 25. After learning such a trip didn’t exist, she started one herself at the College.

“In 2014, she led her first 10-day tour that took 12 students to Holocaust sites in Europe, and following the success of that trip, she brought 11 more to sites including Treblinka, Majdanek, Auschwitz and Mauthausen in 2016,” the article states.

Metalin also established the Ethel Eisen Bursary, named after Holocaust survivor Max Eisen’s mother, who was murdered at Auschwitz. People can donate to allow a student, who couldn’t otherwise afford the trip, to participate.

Read full article here.


Metalin speaking to students at Treblinka. Photo: Canadian Jewish News