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The Theory of Relativity showcases UCC and BSS talent

There was lots of excitement in the air in anticipation of the UCC-BSS musical Theory of Relativity directed by Alice Barnett and Sarah Burgess. The show ran four incredible nights at the BSS theatre from February 7 to 10. The story focused on of a group of university students and their relationships with each other and the world around them.

The show took the audience on a journey as students face different challenges  such as heartbreak and struggling to meet great expectations–and suggests the power of human connection solves problems. As Einstein’s Theory of Relativity presents space and time as a unified entity, the musical sees, in people’s challenges, that which binds them together.

The cast did a spectacular job of presenting believable characters in a relatable way, each with their own meaningful story. The audience was taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions as the different characters told their stories. Powerful performers told powerful stories  – some producing tears others laughter but all  heartfelt.

The production featured a cast of 26 including 11 UCC boys: Ophir Cundogan, Mark Debono, Kurt Karul, Tyler Lam, Alex Lawson, Chris Lord, Sean Manucha, Stefan Markarov, Benji McLean, Nathan McLean Michael Young. Two stage crew, Seyon Rajadurai and Paul Zaki kept the show running beautifully and band members Ian McDowell  and Flynn Tanner were incredible..

Congratulations to the whole crew on a wonderful run!

-Arts Booster Club