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Nuit Bleue’s creative energy transforms the Upper School

Nuit Bleue was a night to remember, with so much creative energy shining brightly all through the College. From the art rooms to the David Chu Theatre, from the film room to Laidlaw Hall and throughout the student centre, creative artists in all forms dazzled visitors with their amazing work on April 18.

The excitement kicked off with a special Nuit Bleue rally in Laidlaw Hall, featuring a rock concert and students waving blue glow-bracelets enthusiastically. Then the student centre came alive with the with first ever “Iron Chef UCC” competition. Complete with celebrity judges and secret ingredients, UCC crowned its first Iron Chef. The IB2s’ incredible works were all on display and the Blue Zone had plenty of different food including ice cream and a DJ to keep everyone happy.

Moviegoers were treated to the IB2 final films, while those looking for a break in the action stopped by Cafe Moliere for some French pastries and a chance to practise their French. And what better way to enjoy the French culture than being surrounded by artworks from budding Grade 7 artists” And in the David Chu theatre, theatrical performances including improv, solo and IB2 group works impressed the audience with compelling performances.

Beautiful artwork created by artists in all grades was displayed throughout the halls, turning the school into one big gallery. The Blue Caller, a compilation of literary gems, was handed out to give people a chance to not only see and feel, but also to read some impressive works.

An awesome musical celebration capped off the evening in Laidlaw Hall featuring all the ensembles. The audience appreciated the incredible musical performances and musicians received two standing ovations.

Nuit Bleue is a celebration of the arts at UCC and, as we saw this year, there’s lots to celebrate.

Arts Booster Club