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Concours d'orthographe (French Spelling Bee) 1

“La semaine franco-fun” at Prep

A week of fun French-based activities celebrated the language at Upper Canada College’s Prep School last month.

“La semaine franco-fun” began with a Primary French assembly on April 20 before things kicked into high gear the following week.

Grade 6 and 7 students watched French films at lunchtime and took part in a spelling bee in their French classes, with the final taking place in the Middle assembly. Grade 7 students also made French speech presentations.

Alexandre Laggiard

Exchange student Alexandre Laggiard spoke during an assembly.

The boys said “au revoir” to French exchange student Alexandre Laggiard from La Source in France. UCC and La Source have had an exchange program for more than 20 years. Grade 7 student Jack Paterson was UCC’s participant this year.

Primary students played French board games in their French classes. There was also French music, colour house trivia in French and a French-themed hot lunch.

“La semaine franco-fun recognizes our national second language and the second language of instruction at the Prep,” says Tina Brunelle, the head of the Prep’s French department. “It is a fun way to celebrate the French language and culture through student and staff activities.”

Faculty and staff members enjoyed French croissants from a local bakery with their Monday morning coffee as part of the celebration.

“I have received a number of thank yous from faculty and staff — many of them making an effort to speak to me or write me in French, and sharing their own personal French experiences with me,” says Brunelle.

“French is a positive aspect of the culture of the Prep School. One can often see parents, students and teachers interacting in French in the hallways and around the school.”

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