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Aviation Club members tour Pearson airport

Nine boys from Upper Canada College’s Aviation Club received a thrill with a behind the scenes visit to Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson International Airport on May 29.

Greater Toronto Airports Authority tour specialist Russ Cruickshank led the boys and club adviser Gary Zuliani around Canada’s busiest airport, including the firehall, maintenance facility, security area, parking apron and other departments. The boys also had a chance to talk to firefighters and maintenance staff members about their jobs.

“They are some of the most dedicated and tightly bonded group of people I have seen,” says club member Shaan Hooey. “The pride they bring to everything they do is inspiring to see and really shows the importance of happiness for those that follow their passion.”

The boys were lucky to witness an Airbus A380, the world’s biggest passenger aircraft with a maximum capacity of 853 passengers, land in front of them.

Aviation Club

Aviation Club members in front of an Air Canada jetliner.

The boys got to walk around an Air Canada 787-9 aircraft to look at its engine, wings, lights, tubes, landing gears and other parts and components to keep it operative, efficient and safe. They were able to ask lots of questions about the different parts of the plane and how they work together to make it fly.

“I really learned a lot about aircraft layout, as it is the first time ever that I got to touch the engine and look what is inside the engine,” says club member Sloan Sobie.

“It was an extraordinary opportunity and experience for each of us to get to know about the airport operation and the aircraft itself,” says club head Billy Shi. “As the second largest employment area in GTA, Toronto Pearson Airport certainly is a small city with hundreds of thousands of small pieces bonding together.

“After the boys learned some theoretical knowledge and watched some documentaries during the club meetings, they did go out and experience the power and the business of aviation in reality.”

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