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UCC Mandarin students learn about Chinese tea culture

By Billy Shi

Seven UCC Mandarin course students went on a field trip to Tao Tea Leaf to explore more about Chinese tea culture on Oct. 25.

The boys listened to a short presentation about the history of Chinese tea culture and were amazed by the fact that a variety of Chinese tea is made from one plant: Camellia sinensis. Different processing means made them different from each other in terms of colour, taste, effect and so on.

“A lot of people love bubble tea because it has milk and sugar in the tea, making it sweet,” says student Andy Wang. “But in this workshop, I learned that the traditional Chinese tea is only made of boiled water and the tea itself, which tastes original and fresh.”

Chinese tea

These boys enjoyed their experience at Tao Tea Leaf.

The boys then enjoyed a tea presentation where they learned about professional and traditional tea-making procedures, including heating the kettle, warming the tea set, and steeping the tea and so on. They also asked questions about the best water temperature for different types of tea, the specific hand gesture used while holding the tea cup and more. The tea presentation turned out to be very interactive and relaxing, and the boys tasted three different types of Chinese tea.

“Learning Chinese culture is also a big part of studying Mandarin,” says Chinese Club head Billy Shi. “This year, in our Chinese Club, we are introducing different types of Chinese culture, such as Chinese instruments, festivals and food to the boys, both Chinese speakers and non-Chinese speakers, to help them get more familiar with this extensive and profound culture of over 5,000 years.”

The Mandarin Club is also looking forward to bringing a Chinese tea presentation to this year’s Nuit Bleue. Everyone who’s interested will be welcomed to come and learn a bit more about Chinese tea culture.

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