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About John D. Stevenson

Great volunteers demonstrate commitment, common sense and an innate understanding of an organization’s aims. Few have displayed these capacities more clearly than John Stevenson.As a student he was deeply involved in College life (1942-47). Among his achievements, he won a Proficiency Prize for academic merit and was assistant editor of The College Times. He was also a prefect, platoon commander in the battalion and a member of the First Football Team.

After attending university and completing law school, he launched a distinguished legal career in 1960, John returned to UCC as director of the Old Boys’ Association. In 1969 he led the proposal to combine all elements of the school’s community and then became the first president of the new Upper Canada College Association.

John became a trustee of the Foundation in 1976, staying on to become chairman of that board in 1979. The Foundation’s assets grew steadily during his stewardship.

He was appointed chairman of the Board of Governors in 1982 and played a major role in the dramatic times that followed; the College responded to suggested changes in provincial policy relating to education, financing and independent schools. Board members and faculty led the organized response on behalf of all 23 independent schools in the Conference of Independent Schools in Ontario. As well, UCC board members and faculty spearheaded the establishment of the Canadian Educational Standards Institute.

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