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Applying to Senior Kindergarten


Senior Kindergarten 2013 18 students

Step 1 – Online Application & Required Documents

The deadline to apply is December 1, 2017. The application fee schedule is as follows:

To submit your online application, create an account through the Online Application portal. Once you’ve registered, you can start filling out the form, save your work and return to complete and submit it at any time. Please allow two days for processing the application form.

Once your form has been processed, you can return to upload PDF copies of the following documents:

Applicants are required to submit these documents by December 1, 2017. All applicants will also need to send a current school report as soon as it becomes available.

Please do not submit any additional documents unless requested.


Step 2 – Family Visit and Assessment

It may seem like an eternity to wait, but we don’t reach out to our SK applicant families to schedule family visits until late-February. We do this mainly to allow applicants as much development time as possible so they have the best chance of demonstrating kindergarten readiness when they visit. Refer to the guide below to understand how we evaluate kindergarten readiness.

Guide to Kindergarten Readiness

Family visits take place during the week of March 27 – April 6, 2018. The family visit is typically 30 minutes long. It gives us insight into the applicant and family’s personalities, interests and values through conversation with the boy and his parents together. It’s also an opportunity for parents to gain a deeper insight into who we are and what we do at UCC.

We then invite all applicants back for an assessment on April 7, 2018. The assessment is one hour and surveys development in the following areas: number concepts, auditory skills, paper-and-pencil skills and free-play. This is where we observe your son in a group setting with his peers and evaluate his social skills. We will contact you in early-March regarding your son’s assessment time.

Step 3 – Decisions

Admission decisions for our Senior Kindergarten applicants will be sent on April 10, 2018.