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Can you believe it? It’s been 20 years since Cookie first graced our presence as school mascot. What started out as a 1996 Leaving Class gift has evolved into a full-fledged member of our community. However, the years have taken their toll on Cookie and the time has come for him to retire.

We know many of you have fond memories of the furry little guy, so we invite you to share them using the form below. Stay tuned to UCC channels for information on the search for a new school mascot, and be sure to come out to Cookie’s final event — Association Day on Saturday, Sep. 24 — and wish him a fond farewell.


What other people are saying

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Jordan Van SlingerlandI have had many memories of cookie, at the a-day football games, during assembly, during drop-off, but my favourite memory of cookie is when in 2015 he gave a presentation at assembly about winterfest.

Connor ChartonCookie is amazing. He's been with me for as long as i can remember...whether i was just watching sesame street or from the moment i found out that my brother was my new school's mascot. Ever since i walked through those big doors hes been doing some crazy stuff and i really like that about him. I also remember him at a couple sporting events which was fun. Well what else is there to say about Cookie. He's amazing. Make Cookie Unretire Again

Kyle ManjiIt has been fantastic seeing Cookie at all my Winterfest basketball games. All the way from Grade 4 through my JV game last year. Thank you Cookie!

Anthony RivasI remember in grade 5, when I didn't attend UCC but my brother did when I saw cookie at A-Day. I thought to myself "what an amazing mascot". I ended up taking a selfie with him and my friend. Ill never forget that awesome time. Rip Cookie and Harambe.

Ophir CundanganI remember that day clearly. It was the morning of McHugh's Y2 bake sale when a horrific revelation dawned over me - I had been given the task of creating a poster for the bake sale but had not even started yet (due to abundant cat videos on Facebook). Being pressed on time as the bake sale would take place only later that afternoon, I went into hyperdrive. Recess was my opportunity of recovery. I panicked. No ideas were coming to my head. Then it hit me. Bake sale. Cookies. COOKIE. Our mascot. I rushed to Google Images and threw a .png of the cookie mons- i mean our beloved Cookie onto a backdrop of UCC, messed around with colour-correction, then pasted the info text in a playful font. It was perfect. I can never forget how Cookie saved me from failing to uphold my responsibility that day and allowed me to share my art through him. Cookie may no longer be the mascot of UCC soon, but he will always be with us in student spirit, regardless of his striking resemblance to a children's show character.

Shaan HooeyCookie was the greatest (and only) mascot I have ever known to roam the grounds of UCC. He was a happy mascot, always caring for his Blue Brothers. It truly saddens me to imagine that we now have to find something that can fill the big, furry, blue shoes that cookie left behind. Cookie was a mentor to me, someone I always looked up to. He was always very approachable with his abnormally large eyes. One thing I will always remember about Cookie is that I never saw him blink. Cookie's legacy will never be forgotten, and I wish him the best of luck doing whatever he chooses to do in his well-earned retirement.

Blue Chanwe will always love you, cookie!

Blue FurWe will always love you, COokie.

Nixon Sinnathurai Cookie, I thank you for all the wonderful experiences I've cherished with you over these past 2 years at UCC. I wish you all the best for the future, and hope that you'll never walk alone! J-HOUSE!