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Chantal Kenny

Honour Chantal Kenny, Executive Director of Admission

After three decades of invaluable service, Chantal Kenny, Executive Director of Admission, will retire June 30. Please take the time to share a story or upload an image for a “memory book” to be presented at a farewell gathering. The deadline is Friday, June 2. 

If you wish to send a submission or photo for the memory book without using the forms below, please email Heather McCall at or call her at 416-488-1125, ext. 3316.

NameMemories of Chantal KennyPictures of Chantal
Liz AtkinsCongratulations on your retirement...I will always remember the day you interviewed James Dorgan back when we were applying for grade 5! All the best!

Jennifer Martin-Kepes Did you start when you were twelve??? You look amazing. Felicitations. That is an impressive career and a job very well done ????

Maggie Alexander RileyWow!!!! Congratulations on the next chapter and thank you for all you did for our boys! Xo

Jeff GoffMajor celebrity at the Prep in 1987.

Adetoun DinahWow! Ms Kenny???? congrats on your retirement! You are an amazing and lovely person. .....

Sophia Yip Congratulations. Thank You for all you've done for the boys and for all your contributions to this wonderful school.

Brenda HaYou were one of the first UCC ambassadors we met over the past year... and we have not looked back since! We feel so fortunate to have crossed paths with you. All the best as you start your next chapter!

Sue YoungCongrats on the retirement Ms. Kenny! Here's a story that I'm sure many people at the school can relate to: Near the beginning of the school year while perusing the wall of photos at the Prep school, a number of us parents stopped in front of Ms. Kenny's photo. We were completely flabbergasted to see the year she entered the school. She looks way too young to have been here this long! We all thought it must've been a mistake or a typo. Or Ms. Kenny knows magic. This announcement confirms that she knows magic. We wish Ms. Kenny a wonderful, well-deserved and happy retirement! Thank you for being so amazing to our boys and family. ????????????

Tony KwanCongrats <3

Darren TseMy first teacher was Mrs Kenny when I entered UCC. That was about 30 years ago! Congratulations!

Rajbir AhluwaliaWishing you all the very best. I clearly remember the day, ten years ago, when you interviewed Simran and Hark over the phone, later you told us that they were accepted at UCC and a couple of months later you were there to welcome us to UCC. I've enjoyed our many chats and look forward to keeping in touch with you. When you plan a visit to SEA please let me know. I'd love to welcome you to Indonesia. Best wishes always, my dear Chantal.

Catherine ChoiWe met Chantal while our oldest son, Noah Robinson, was applying for UCC last year. We found her to be warm and genuine. I will always be grateful for her encouragement when we voiced our concerns that while we thought UCC would be a great fit for our son Noah, our younger son Fisher might be not as well suited as his Type A brother. Because she was so emphatic in her encouragement, we did end up having Fisher apply, and we are very excited that he is starting Grade 7 next year. We wish you the very best, Chantal. The Robinson family

Irene/Andy/Aaron LeungCongratulations on your retirement.It only seemed like yesterday when you had interviewed our family.It has been our greatest pleasure and honour to have met you.All the best! Leung family

Patrick, Cathy, Lucas & Logan IaboniChantal, congratulations on a well deserved retirement. Thank you for believing in our boys as much as we do. Your dedication to UCC will always be remembered and appreciated. Good luck on the next chapter.

Judy SchulichMy first memory of you was from my first year at Havergal in Grade 5. You were our French teacher for a couple years. It was great to reconnect years later at UCC. Thank you for all your support and encouragement. We'll miss you. Best of luck.

Fareed AliChantal, as it was for many UCC families, you were the first personal contact we had with the school. You immediately made us all feel right at home at UCC, and always made our boys feel very welcome at the school. Our boys are always so excited and happy when they tell us that they saw Ms. Kenny at school and said hello to her. Best of luck with your well-earned retirement!

Lynne ElliottChantel, Don't go!!!! You were the first "face" of UCC's administration for us. Your warmth and kindness warmed us to the school. These same wonderful traits made our son, Jordie, feel so comfortable at his admissions interview. We will miss you! Lynne and Jordan Elliott

Ann HebertI still vividly remember our son Cameron"s interview with you (Cameron Homer, Class of 2019), and how you said you thought he was a "UCC boy". Well, he has certainly proven to be! The school has been both rewarding and challenging for him, and continues to be. And it all started with a conversation with you! And the second best thing was his best friend Cole (Cole Hustzi, Class of 2019) getting in too. 30 years at UCC sounds like a wonderful career, and I'm sure you have met so many wonderful boys, and started them on journeys to becoming caring, curious, questioning and successful men. Enjoy the years to come, they are for you! Ann and Cameron

Kala SelvaduraiShe is a amazing person at UCC admission department. Very hard to find right replacement for her. She is the first one I met in UCC with my Seyon Rajadurai he is in leaving class IB2 She was the reason we choose UCC Good Luck and Best wishes for her retirement. Happy Retirement Thank you So much.

Sophy OsoroChantal, My family first met you when Kimathi Muiruri ( Graduating class of 2017) was applying to start form 7. It was the way you carried out the interview with a sense of dignity and caring that profoundly made it clear Kimathi belonged at UCC. I have enjoyed the many chats with you . What a remarkable career you have had! Best Wishes with your future plans.

Rob ParsonsChantal - You were the ambassador and guide who helped us in our decision to bring our son Cole to UCC. Your insight and time spent with us were truly appreciated. Thank you for all your help and for all that you have done for the school. Enjoy your time away as you start the next adventure! Kind Regards, Rob & Diana Parsons

Jamie LougheedChantal, You have been a true leader and mentor to so many in the Admissions world. Your professionalism and friendship have been so appreciated. All the best as you embark on the next exciting chapter.

Derek PoonNot sure how the College will move forward without you and your impact but we will try. Boys, families and colleagues have come to know and be comforted by your presence, friendliness and professionalism and that's irreplaceable. You have been a good friend to many and I hope I'm fortunate to count myself as part of this illustrious group. I know we'll stay in touch. Be well and enjoy everything that's ahead of you. Derek

Gordon WoodsHad the honour of being in Chantal's first class at UCC - 3K! Thankfully we didn't scare her away, because the College would have missed out on a wonderful teacher, ambassador and person. Congratulations on a great career and best of luck on your next adventure!

Rowena CundanganCONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR RETIREMENT, CHANTAL! Ten years exactly, that's how long we've known you! The Cundangan family can never forget you since our 3 boys - Obed, Othniel and Ophir - got admitted to UCC under your leadership. You were instrumental in opening the UCC doors to them thus enabling them to have the best high school education possible. Thank you for believing in our boys! We will always have the fondest thoughts of you and only the very best wishes for your future as it continues to unfold.

Laura DallalChantal - we remember our interview day as you welcomed Benji and Nathan so warmly to the College. You set the tone for our wonderful years to come. Thank you for everything you have done for the boys and the school. Wishing you happiness in the years to come. Laura Dallal & Brian McLean, Benji and Nathan

Stefania JoyWe met Ms Kenny at our son Todd's Y1 interview. We will never forget her kindness and sincerity towards Todd. She made us feel welcomed at Upper Canada College and from that first introduction, we knew it would be the right school for our son. We wish Ms Kenny all the best. Stefania and David Joy

Deirdre TimuskAlways looking absolutely perfect at anytime of the year you were always kind and welcoming both to new families and faculty. The Timusk/Solheim families will miss you!

Bina EvansCongratulations Chantal! Enjoy your well deserved retirement. Chantal, I always appreciated your warm smile and loved listeneing to you speak. I found it very calming. I also appreciate your support for Robbie and how comfortable you always make him feel. We will miss you!

Christina EatonIt has been a pleasure working with you. Your personal and collaborative approach helped to make UCC feel like a warmer place and a closer community. I will never forget when my son thought he had to speak into a microphone for his SK interview with you - so funny! Thanks for all of your caring support. I wish you all the best in retirement.

Jennifer SingerChantal, it has been a pleasure working with you the past 18 (!!) years. You are always so helpful and kind when responding to my questions and requests. I wish you and your family all the best in this next chapter of your life, but I bet we'll be seeing you... I know UCC will always be near and dear to your heart. Warmly, Jennifer

John LiuDear Chantal, Congratulations on opening a new chapter of your life! Your professionalism and dedication to the admissions process at UCC is the reason we chose to come to UCC this year. We wish you all the best for your golden years to come! Regards, John Liu, 2017 incoming boy form 7 Richard Liu Nina Jin

Barbara BeecroftAlways happy to assist with any questions that I had regarding process, calendar and so many other things. It has been wonderful to work with you and to get to know you on a personal level. I will miss you Chantal.

Nixon SinnathuraiThanks for your warm presence in our UCC community! Your legacy will be well cherished by us all, and I wish you the very best for the future!

Andrea AsterCongratulations on a well-deserved retirement, aka: new adventures! It has been a pleasure knowing you over the past 12 years. I think you were the second person I met here and I was so impressed by your professionalism and warmth and style; you are one of the best ambassadors for this place and not one to be replaced. All the best to you and your family. Enjoy and adieu!

Kalpna DesaiChantal provided guidance and support during the admission process for my two sons when we arrived from England. We will always be grateful for Chantal's willingness to discuss any queries throught the time that my sons were at UCC. We wish Chantal a happy future. From Jeremy & Kalpna Desai

Susan GuichonCongratulations on your retirement Chantal! I have so very many great memories of your time at Upper Canada College, from meeting you when you were a Grade 5 Form Master to becoming the Head of Admissions. You have had a spectacular career! First and foremost, always, was doing the absolute best thing for the boys. I wish you all the best in what I am certain will be a bright new future.

Yang YangOur family just want to say thanks for Ms. Kenny. My son was so shy before, even though afraid of interview. But it's Kenny let us know it doesn't matter for boys, the most important thing is unlimited potential of every boy. Thanks so so much and every our family will miss you! Thanks

Peggie FanCongratulations! Thank you for your time, your work, and your help for the boys. We will miss you! All the best!!

Xu ZhangIt seemed like yesterday when you had interviewed my son Ho and my family. It was our greatest pleasure to have met you. The first time we met you, you made us feel like at home at UCC and my boy was so comfortable and confident when you were interviewing him.Thank you so much,Wishing you all the best. Ho Lan's family.

Suzanne HeftChantal, you have made a difference in the lives of hundreds of boys, changing the trajectory of their path and helping them (and their families) in countless ways -- with grace, care and attentiveness. You have helped so many people in our community see UCC with fresh eyes; you've been a pioneer, an ambassador and a change agent. Your insights into teaching boys and your abiding respect for learning, in all its forms, and among all ages, make you an extraordinary respectful and understanding colleague as well as a sympathetic ear for anxious parents. UCC is so fortunate to have had you at the front door for so many years, waving and welcoming people in. The school will not be the same without you. Enjoy your new life, and thank you for being part of the unique and multi-talented crew that make this fine school all that it is, and more.

Alison FioriniChantal, while our boys only transitioned to UCC in September we remember you fondly through the entire admissions process. I know I personally, was comforted by your smile at the New Boy welcome day. Your empathy and guidance have been extremely appreciated and we wish we had more time on campus with you. However, the world is small and we hope we will continue to see you. Thank you for everything. ?????????Luciano, Alison, Lucas and Laurence Fiorini

Mary-Lea& Michael RuscettaWishing you all the best in your new adventure! You were the first person that we met In the UCC family and we shall always have warm memories of that time. Thank you for always being such an integral part of the school. Cheers!

Imbrogno FamilyChantal, you have served UCC very well and what a legacy you have left. It was a pleasure meeting you and exchanging conversations with you over the years. Congratulations! Enjoy what lays ahead!

Jennifer, Rob '75, Matthew '13 and Jeremy '17 BellEleven years ago seem like yesterday when we first met Chantal at Matthew's entrance interview. Chantal's warmth, kindness, wisdom and insight made us huge fans immediately. Chantal, it is with gratitude and affection that we wish you our very best for your retirement.

Ian ToopeCongratulations Chantal! It has been a long journey and now you have reached the destination! All the best!

David BordenMrs. Kenny was a wonderful Grade 3 teacher. For all of us who were new to the school, it was so nice to have such a warm and considerate role model. My strongest memory is from the day she announced mid-year that "There is someone new in the classroom." I remember looking around and thinking: is he hiding in the closet? Under a desk? After a long pause, Mrs. Kenny told us that she was pregnant! What a lucky boy to have Mrs. Kenny as a mother.

Jennifer FergusonBest wishes on this next exciting stage of your life, Chantal!!

David MaGreat memories from the grade 6 trips to Quebec City to having Jameson at the Christmas parties. You are always positive and treat everyone with respect. We will miss you.

Helen ZhouHope you stay UCC,because you represented UCC to interview and receive Robert Guo just before five months.That's an unforgettable day that you interviewed our son when we were applying for Gr 3.You are an ambassador of UCC we met first with nice speech and warm smile and grace and friendly...When Robert is going to UCC this September,Just two things we can do are missing you and wishing all the best with you on next chapter.

Reid BarterTo: CLK From: JERB I was most fortunate to be teamed with Chantal to manage Admissions to the College. I stress " team" as I believe we were a most competent one as we worked in a most collegial manner. Chantal's poise and professionalism created a welcoming atmosphere for anxious prospective families. In addition to addressing day to day matters expeditiously, we shared many laughs and the odd nip of Jameson's...always after the work day! Since my retirement in 2005, I have wondered if she has ever " been in conflict with her shoes"? Chantal dear, do you recall the source of those words of wisdom? Have a wonderful well earned retirement and I do hope we can share a shot or two of your favourite beverage. Love Reid

Jordan DomelleCongratulations Chantal! I can't imagine UCC without you but you certainly deserve this next step. I will NEVER forget all that you did for my family and I. Thank you SO much for teaching me all that you did. You are simply the best.

Jane KellyChantal was our first introduction to UCC as potential parents. We nervously entered the application process but Chantal immediately put us at ease. Of course, things went well. Our son, Charlie Bannister, started in Grade 3 and is about to enter IB 1. Chantal is a phenomenal face for the school. She is professional and fun - two qualities that are desperately needed for a person in this position. She will be missed.

Naheed BardaiChantal, from the moment I arrived at the College, you have supported me in every way possible. I will always be grateful for your advice, guidance and care that you shown for this community. We will miss you!

robyn gosneyChantal; You were oh so kind and full of warmth from the minute we met in admissions. Our family feels real gratitude for all that you have done for Flynn. Your introduction of Flynn to Pete Gray was the first of many fantastic opportunities Flynn had to participate in the various bands and events. Your support throughout the years reflects your genuine connection and belief in UCC and the boys. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We wish you great happiness and an exciting adventure in retirement! XO Robyn and Mike

Flynn TannerMrs. Kenny was the primary factor in my decision to come to UCC back in grade 9. Her warm and helpful personality was essential during the time that I was unsure about whether I'd be a good fit for the school. Ultimately, it was her honest opinions that convinced my family and I that UCC would be a good fit for me. I know that if she played such a large role for me, the same could be said for countless other students - many of whom would have shared the same experience as mine. Thank you very much for everything you've done for the school throughout your many productive years here. Wishing you all the best in whatever comes next!

Rodger Wright Hi Chantal, You are a legend at UCC and rightfully so. Even though our time at UCC only intersected for a year, I can see for myself what an astute and gracious educator you are. UCC was lucky to have a woman of your calibre for so long, and you made a huge difference in so many areas, culminating in your amazing work in Admissions. Good luck and best wishes. Your fan and friend, Rodger '70

Laurel Linetsky-FleisherChantal, You have been an absolute pleasure to know and work with. I first met you when Zach entered UCC in grade 5 in 2005. He didn't interview with you in grade 4 but I am sure you did interview at least one of my boys! After Zach, Jonah entered SK 2 years later in 2007 then Sammy in grade 3 in 2008 and finally Brandon in grade 7 in 2009. Considering that all 4 of my sons attended the school and entered in different grades our paths definitely crossed many times before we actually worked together while I was first the vice chair, then chair and past chair of the PPO. Your commitment, passion for UCC and the boys, and strong work ethic were evident to all. I always enjoyed interacting and working with you on whatever events the PPO and Admissions did together like New to Blue, Open Houses, and Grandparents Day. I am so thrilled for you that you have so successfully completed this stage in your life and are able to enjoy a fabulous retirement with your family. I wish you all the best and hope the future is filled with continued good health, happiness, love, laughter, learning and good times spent with family and friends. Enjoy this special time. Thank you for all the warmth, support and guidance you have given me along the way. Fondly, Laurel Linetsky-Fleisher

Siobhan KennyI think Winnie the Pooh may describe your impending retirement: "HOW LUCKY I AM TO HAVE SOMETHING THAT MAKES SAYING GOODBYE SO HARD". Congratulations on your retirement my lovely and loved sister-in -law! I hope to see more of you this summer and welcome you to Port Hope for an extended visit. All the best to you my talented and beautiful sister! Je t'aime.

Connie and Chris DingleBeing in the Admissions Department is no easy feat: every year you have to deliver really good news and really disappointing news to candidates and their parents. It is quite a balancing act. Chantal seemed to always have a smile with soft words of encouragement for everyone. We felt she walked this very difficult line with incredible equilibrium, and ultimately, she and the Admissions Team always gathered a wonderful assortment of boys for each class: boys who compliment and bring out the best in one another. Chantal's contribution and dedication to Upper Canada College is so appreciated: thank you for your time and energy in helping create these fantastic groups of young men!

Irene ChristieChantal, You were our first introduction to UCC, and we will always be grateful for your kind and compassionate interview of a shy boy, William, who you granted admission to UCC. William took your advice to heart and has thoroughly participated in many sports programs and clubs, thriving at UCC as he is becoming a confident young man. Best wishes for a well-deserved retirement. Kind regards, Irene Christie

Shirley DomelleFebruary 23, 1993 Brian Domelle '66 arrived at the Prep with our son, Jordan, '02, who was a new boy in your Grade 3 class. Brian's eyes were clearly red from crying as his Dad had died suddenly in the night. That day, you kept Jordan in for recess and helped him to write a tribute to his grandfather. You gave Jordan, just 8 years old, the confidence to read that message at his grandfather's Memorial. Two years later, when my father passed away, you helped our son again to record and share his feelings about his grandparent. You taught Jordan so many life lessons but your compassion to help him with his sadness and grief will always remain uppermost in my mind. It is astounding to Brian and me that 23 years later, again on February 23rd, 2016, you admitted our grandson, Fletcher Parsons, to Grade 3 at the Prep. We have explained to Fletcher what an immeasurable role you have played in our family through the years. How heartwarming that Fletcher - just 2 weeks into Grade 3 - could attend the special Old Boys' luncheon where his own grandfather, Brian, received his 50 year tie this past September. There are many people who will walk "into and out of our lives" but having you touch our family has been profound and enduring. You may never know how important your extraordinary talents, grace and compassion have been to all of the young boys who have become greater young men because of your unwavering influence. You taught your students to "keep their eyes on the stars but their feet on the ground." We are deeply grateful for your beautiful soul, Shirley, Brian and Jordan Domelle

Sara HandrekeThanks for all you have done. You will be greatly missed. We all adore you!

John and Dora and John Jr. VoudourisDear Chantel, Congratulations on your retirement!!!! You are a very special lady and I will always remember the day that you interviewed me. I will miss seeing you in the hallways of UCC!! Thank you for all that you have done for me! Best of luck and enjoy the good life!! Please keep in touch because we will miss you very much!!!

Jenny LuoI can't believe Ms Kenny will retire next month. She looks so young. We met a few times and found she is bright, with it and always so considerate, appreciative and loving. I sincerely wish Ms Kenny has a wonderful and happy retirement.

Gavin, Vicky, Richard, Andrew HuaCongratulations on your retirement! Thank you for believing in our boys! Wish you all the best in the next chapter!

Jill StewartChantal, I remember you and Bernard interviewing me in 1996 for my position as Monitrice at the Prep in the office I now call my own. A few years later, when I became a Form "Master" you said to me, " You will be here for 20 years!" I took it as the complement it was meant to be and here I am, 20 years later. You knew so well the draw of the Prep community of which you have always been such a big part. You were always warm, welcoming and inspiring to me as a French teacher/colleague. Your good taste, professional manner and collegiality will be missed. Bonne chance avec tes prochaines aventures, la belle! Jill

Jill StewartChantal, I remember you and Bernard interviewing me in 1996 for my position as Monitrice at the Prep in the office I now call my own. A few years later, when I became a Form "Master" you said to me, " You will be here for 20 years!" I took it as the complement it was meant to be and here I am, 20 years later. You knew so well the draw of the Prep community of which you have always been such a big part. You were always warm, welcoming and inspiring to me as a French teacher/colleague. Your good taste, professional manner and collegiality will be missed. Bonne chance avec tes prochaines aventures, la belle! Jill

JIE ZHAOMs Kenny, I wish you will enjoy your retirement and your next colorful chapter. I still remember the day you interviewed my son: Aaron. We had a wonderful communication and I was impressed by your patience, confidence, professional skills and graceful temperament. You are absolutely the ambassador who made me trust that UCC is the best school. Thanks for your hard work in UCC. All of us forms the big UCC community and i hope we will keep in touch.

Dora and John VoudourisCongratulations!!! Sending you our heartfelt gratitude for interviewing and welcoming John to UCC. We are forever grateful that we had the opportunity of meeting you. Wishing you a Happy new chapter in your life. Please know that you will always be in our thoughts and in our hearts. Much Love!

Pam LoveChantal- We go back along way. I remember 1987. You and Liam had just been married, I had a new baby daughter, and I was thrilled to have another woman join the Prep! Remember teaching the Borrowers to form 3, and building cardboard models of Toronto to display in the Library? Over time you became I believe, the first woman to be a form teacher at grade 6. The boys adored you. So many great memories, but the most fun by far were our hilarious (to us anyway) antics as the Christmas elves. Thank you for always being a supporter and ally. I will miss you! Pam

Kathryn CroninChantal gave us a good first impression of UCC in her role as Director of Admissions as well as her perspective as a fellow-parent. She put our sons at ease during their admission interviews with her, and we all appreciated her warmth and friendliness over the years. We wish you the best of luck in your retirement Chantal, and all good things from the Cronin family!

Rong ShiCongratulations! Thank you for interviewing our family. It was our greatest pleasure to meet you? Wherever you are?our family will always remember you?

Farah, Adnan, Saeed, and Ali KhanDear Chantal, congratulations on your retirement and on starting the next chapter in your life. The Khan Family first met you in 2004 when we were considering UCC for Saeed. Your genuine interest, sincerity, and compassion towards our family and our boys will always be remembered. Thank you for giving Saeed and Ali an opportunity of a lifetime. I'm sure you will always remember your last official offer of admission of 2017! Warm wishes for a wonderful future with your family. Sincerely, The Khans

Stephanie TamblynWhat a wonderful gift you were to UCC! Our boys, Robbie and Will remember the admissions process well and are grateful that you were at the helm during that time. The positive, warm and genuine vibe during the whole UCC admissions journey was so welcoming. Your feedback along the way was valuable and you will certainly be missed. Congratulations on your upcoming chapter!

Lilian DingDear Ms. Chantal, it is really mixed feeling to hear your retirement. We are very happy for your retirement, but also feel sad to see you leaving UCC. My family is so grateful for your encouragement and ensuring us that UCC would be the great fit for my son Leo. Your warmth, caring, kindness and professionalism made Leo feel so comfortable during the interview and believed that UCC is the best for him. You have lightened up the way for the boys. Best of luck with your retirement. We will miss you! Leo, Owen, James and Lilian

Corey JonesCongratulations on your retirement Ms. Kenny! You played such a huge role in starting Cole off on his UCC adventure; going from a boy who "hated" school, to one who is eager to get there every day. We will always remember your warm and welcoming charm when we came to interview at the school and especially the morning you came to knock on our door. Truly a life-changing moment! All the best for your post-UCC adventures, Corey, Alex, Cole and Max Jones

Corey JonesCongratulations on your retirement Ms. Kenny! You played such a huge role in starting Cole off on his UCC adventure; going from a boy who "hated" school, to one who is eager to get there every day. We will always remember your warm and welcoming charm when we came to interview at the school and especially the morning you came to knock on our door. Truly a life-changing moment! All the best for your post-UCC adventures, Corey, Alex, Cole and Max Jones

Tanya AyikCongratulations on your retirement. All the best on a new chapter of your life. You will be missed. We appreciate all your hard work , dedication and support. Thank you for all you did for the boys.

Mike TannerChantal - just adding my own thanks for how welcoming, supportive, and warm you've been right from the first contact our family had with you. Without your very human approach, I don't know if we'd have ended up with a son at UCC - and many good things may have been missed. You're a huge credit to the school and you'll be missed by everyone. Best of luck with whatever new adventures await.

Kathryn O'BrienChantal embodied elegance. Elegance was not just about wardrobe choices (although she is well-known for her beautiful style)- it was about the way she would present herself to parents, colleagues and boys. Always with a kind word and a smile, she would gracefully welcome people to the Prep. She somehow managed to transcend the chaos that comes when almost 500 boys inhabit one space. As one of the many UCC women, Chantal was a role model for me, and her presence in leadership at the school will be greatly missed.

Iain MacKinnonChantal, I am a little late in posting this, but wanted to make sure I thanked you for the part you played in our decision to send two of our kids to UCC. Your calm, clear-headed, and honest advice was very appreciated at a time when most parents are stressed out and anxious about the path their children should take. But you always handled those situations with grace and humour. We always felt you tried to provide guidance that was right for our kids and looked out for their best interests, and not simply act in the school's best interests. Your input and answers to questions we had, both before and after our kids started at UCC, were always thoughtful and reassuring. Your retirement is a significant loss to the school, and it will take a while for anyone to start to fill your shoes. It is too bad that parents and kids will no longer be able to benefit from your wisdom. But you deserve to finally relax. You've earned it.

Luc LacourciereChantal, Start off by congratulating you for such a great stint at UCC. Not anyone that can excel at her job, as you have for so many years. You have influenced so many young scholars. I am certain that thousands of UCC students benefitted from your dedication. Felicitations ! Ma Belle Bouboune ! Ton frere Ainee Luc Emile

Claire Paterson ReedChantal, I am very excited and happy to celebrate this exciting new adventure for you and your family - also to congratulate you on an amazing career! When I was new to Admissions, I was so grateful to find a strong and supportive role model. You have been gracious, kind, funny and tough over the many years I have worked with you. It has been a pleasure to get to know you and I hope we will continue to stay in touch. All the very best. Cheers, Claire.

Ian RobinsonAs Chantal knows, our lives have been intertwined since the 1980s with Chantal teaching at Havergal and occasional inter-school French meetings. Then teaching French together at the Prep for years and lastly working together on Admissions. Our family's connections came full circle this year when Chantal was instrumental in offering a place to Jennifer and my grandson, Everett, son of Dean ('93) and Sara. Jennifer and I join Everett's family and we all wish you well, Chantal, and thank you for your help in the distance Admission process from Chicago to Toronto. Meilleurs voeux Chantal and Liam et nous espérons à bientôt. Ian and Jennifer Robinson.

Donna NicollChantal The staff,students and parents of U.C.C. are and have been blessed to have such a wonderful dedicated lady for 30 years ! I have known Chantal for over 45 years and know that it has been an honour for Chantal to have been a part of your schools prestigious community. Chantal's hard work ethic, creativity and the love of her job have been her driving success for so many years. Chantal has been a mentor to so many, while balancing being a mother to 3 beautiful successful children, doting wife to her husband of 30 years and great friend to many. A career woman to the fullest extent ! I am certain Chantal will be dearly missed by all the U.C.C. family and so many other lives she has touched. Happy Retirement my dear best friend. I look forward to spending some much earned retirement time together in the future! Congradulations, Much Love and Respect To You, Donna xo