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Human Rights Advocacy Club shows film - November 25, 2013

UCC’s Human Rights Advocacy Club put a face on their cause with a screening of a documentary on Nov. 20. Read More »

UCC community painting gets official unveiling - November 25, 2013

It’s remarkable to see how creative the UCC community can be when you give people a paintbrush, pots of paint and a 16-foot canvas on the grass. Created on Association Day in September, the Jackson Pollock-style canvas was unveiled at the Upper School arts assembly on Monday, Nov. 25, for all to see and admire. […] Read More »

UCC Legal LunchNet welcomes 50 guests - November 22, 2013

The UCC Common Ties program attracted 50 people to its "Legal LunchNet" on Nov. 22. Read More »

IB Teacher Conference: June 27-29, 2014 - November 22, 2013

Attend one of North America's leading International Baccalaureate conferences. Read More »

U14 hockey series Nov 22-23 - November 21, 2013

Keep pace with all the action as eight invited teams face off against the Blues. Read More »

UCC students in Fulford Cup Debate - November 20, 2013

UCC junior and senior debaters finished seventh and 10th respectively in the Fulford Cup Debate at Ridley College on Nov. 16. Read More »

Fall music night a great success - November 15, 2013

Watch a video and read all about the fantastic night of debut performances at Fall Music Night, Thursday, Nov. 14 in Laidlaw Hall. Read More »

UCC receptions in Europe and Montreal - November 12, 2013

UCC recently hosted receptions in London, Montreal and Budapest. Read More »

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