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Anthony Hua

Anthony HuaStudent

Rubik’s Cube champ ‘friends’ Warren Buffett and Bill Gates

Rubik’s Cube whiz Anthony Hua has made wealthy, influential friends lately. Ranked 41st in Canada, after solving the puzzle in 12.13 seconds, he’s now creating customized cubes for some very famous people.

It began as an independent math project which showcased Hua’s understanding of algorithms. He sent one of his cubes to Berkshire Hathaway chairman Warren Buffett for his 82nd birthday. Unlike the original which uses colours, Hua’s featured numbers — and their sum in any row, column or triagonal added up to 82.

“I wasn’t sure he would reply,” says Hua.

Amazingly, he received a handwritten thank you. Hua then created a cube for Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates’ birthday — using only ones and zeroes — to salute binary-based computer language. Gates also sent Hua a thank you, which said: “I am always pleased to hear about talented young people like you.”

With more than 30 awards for talents including music and art, we’re sure to hear more about Hua.