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Patrick Lee

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Filmmaker extraordinaire snags top prize in prestigious ‘Heritage Minutes’ competition

Everyone is familiar with the oddly compelling “Heritage Minute” series about milestone moments in Canadian history on television. Now, two promising UCC filmmakers have won top honours in the Heritage Minutes Film Competition.

The Winter March by then-students Patrick Lee and Eamonn O’Keeffe shows a critical military event during the War of 1812 in almost 600 men walked 1,100 kilometres in the snow from Fredericton to Quebec City. The regiment only lost one man and was crucial to the defence of Ontario from American troops during the War of 1812. The “Got a Minute” contest was run by the Historica-Dominion Institute.

Equally ambitiously, Lee held a public casting call for his most recent film, Existence, a psychological thriller made for just $900. He gained valuable experience by directing professional actors and not just students. “It was a demanding responsibility, but we pulled it off,” he says.

Not surprisingly, Lee plans to pursue a film career upon graduation in 2015.