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Ty Greenberg


A UCC valedictorian makes changing schools look like child’s play

He was the ideal student to speak to prospective parents at UCC’s 2013 open house events, Oct. 24-25. That’s because after just one year at the College, Ty Greenberg earned his peers’ respect and emerged as Grade 7 valedictorian.

“One of the most common questions new parents ask is, ‘Will my son fit in?” says Greenberg. (He came to UCC from a small, neighbourhood public school he’d attended since Kindergarten.) “The answer is a simple yes. What surprised me most last year was how quickly new students lost the title ‘new boy’ and just became ‘one of the boys.’”

Greenberg, who also earned history and drama awards during his first year at the College, was surprised at his own facility to embrace unexplored opportunities.

“For example, I would consider myself an athlete, but last year I took a chance and auditioned for the school musical. It was a great experience.”

Indeed, addressing parental concerns that their son won’t fit in, Greenberg cites UCC’s wealth of extra-curricular opportunities that ensure every boy can nurture an existing passion or discover a new one.

“With so many opportunities at UCC, every boy will find his place and a strong group of friends,” he says. And, he also offers some tried and true wisdom that makes sense whether you’re 12 or 112: ‘Be yourself. If you do this you’ll find others who share your interests and that will make the transition a whole lot smoother.”