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Where would we be without a strong sense of creative power? And where do we learn how to be creative? A strong arts education, that’s where. Research points to a fundamental relationship between grounding in the arts and the development of key cognitive skills and capacities required to master other core subjects, including reading, writing and mathematics. In a nutshell: arts learning improves motivation, concentration, confidence and teamwork.

Prep Arts

Boys admire a project in art class.

At UCC, the arts (visual creative, theatre and music) are a major component of the Prep curriculum, providing challenges aimed at benefiting all students’ intellectual, personal and social development.

Students keep active and develop self-confidence and team-building skills through their involvement in UCC’s first-rate visual and performing arts programs. In our big, windowed art rooms, students draw, paint, do photography and sculpture, graphic design and digital media. Many courses include visits by guest artists and designers, plus trips to galleries and museums.

Through the drama and theatre programs, students undertake major productions, including musicals. Also popular are smaller theatrical productions in which young students portray their favourite characters. Plays and musicals presented by Prep students during the 2012-13 school year included The Outsiders, The Music Man, The Absolutely Insidious and Utterly Terrifying Truth About Cat Hair, Those Must Be Mentos and Rats.

There are several co-curricular arts programs for boys. While these require a significant commitment from students, the dividends — character development, creative purpose and self-confidence, for starters — are immeasurable.

Arts News

Learn the latest about arts events at UCC.