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MeriTALKracy: What does merit mean to you?

UCC crest

The UCC crest bearing the motto that inspired MeriTALKracy.

The motto on Upper Canada College’s crest — “Palmam qui meruit ferat” (“Let he who merited the palm bear it”) — has inspired a new initiative dealing with all aspects of merit.

MeriTALKracy was founded by RIWI Corporation chief executive officer and Old Boy Neil Seeman ’88 with the intention of promoting wide-ranging discussions about merit. MeriTALKracy aims to explore how merit relates to notions of risk, reward, work, fairness, luck and talent with a wide range of prominent people from UCC and beyond.

The MeriTALKracy initiative is soliciting new submissions from members of the UCC community to add to the approximately two dozen which have already been posted on Please send yours to if you’re inclined to weigh in.

Watch a video of students, teachers and Old Boys talking about merit here.